Release time:2019-09-06
Data-driven asset operation—IoT technology to facilitate digital transformation of facilities enterprises!

On September 6th, the annual BOMA China industry conference was held at Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview. More than 2000 building asset owners and operation managers from various fields came together to participate in this gala event.

As a new supplier member of BOMA, I ENEURON building IoT made its debut at the sharing forum and exhibition, and aimed to exchange practical experiences in building assets operation and management with industry leaders.

ENEURON has focused on the building sector for nearly 20 years. Based on her more than 10 years of experience in the building industry, Ms. Li Xiaohong, the CMO of the company, was specially invited by BOMA to share her invaluable experience on four famous buildings—Mercedes-Benz Culture Center, Shanghai North Bund, Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway Shanghai Hongqiao Station, and Beijing Phoenix International Media Center—at the building intelligence sub-forum.

Mercedes-Benz Culture Center, Shanghai North Bund, and Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway Shanghai Hongqiao Station are all landmark buildings of the new era. These are high-end buildings that adopt high-level intelligent systems and are supported by some of the top Chinese and international assets management companies. However, these high-end buildings also face several pain points and problems in their operation.

Beijing Phoenix International Media Center is a typical building that ENEURON is involved from the operational perspective. Ms. Li showcased the scientific approach for air-conditioning adjustment based on real-time monitoring of indoor and outdoor temperature, which reduces the cooling time. She explained how IoT data drives business to achieve truly intelligent multi-dimensional applications in buildings, including daily inspection and management of mechanical and electrical equipment rooms, cleaning service index management of floor bathrooms, operation guarantee for critical safety risk facilities [firefighting, elevator] and other typical scenarios.

Based on real examples and practical scenarios, Ms. Li pointed out that any city or building where there is no continuous operation, is likely to become a ruin in the future. Operation is as important as the preliminary planning, design, and construction, and data is especially key to support continuous operation.

The meeting hall was completely full as property owners and managers of well-known buildings from all over the country participated in the meeting.

After the forum, several customers visited ENEURON’s booth for further discussions. The booth received nearly <800 style="color: #FFA900;">800 professional visitors that day. Through in-depth onsite discussions and exchanges, the customers got a firm idea of ENEURON’s technical strength and leading position in the building IoT industry. More than 100 customers showed their keen interest for further communication, and nearly 40 customers expressed an intention to cooperate at the event site.

ENEURON will continue to bring innovative building smart IoT technology applications to more users, and is committed to using IoT technology to facilitate the digital transformation of facilities enterprises!