Release time:2019-10-16
Industry knowledge and best practices comprehensively demonstrated in the building smart IoT sharing meeting held in the Four Seasons Hotel

On October 15th, 2019, the building IoT industry sharing meeting – Best practices of building IoT technology & digital facilities operation and maintenance was held in the Four Seasons Hotel, Futian District, Shenzhen. With “New trends, New technologies and New applications” as the meeting’s theme, experts and scholars from all walks of life jointly discussed the road of innovation in the digital transformation of enterprises.

Nearly 200 business leaders and industry experts including owners [commercial complex, schools, hospitals, industry, retail, transportation], operators [property companies, facilities management, asset services], ecosystem [software enterprises, technology companies, cleaning service providers] attended the meeting.

Senior experts from IBM China, Johnson Control Asia Pacific, Cushman & Wakefield, Donghu Property Management Co., Ltd. of Shanghai, and Gemdale Property Management, delivered thought-provoking speeches on IT and OT fusion, predictive maintenance, digital twins, digital inspection, and other technical fields, and shared cutting-edge industry technologies and best application practices.

Mr. Li, the co-founder of ENEURON, said that the IoT industry is facing a turbulent period. With consistent breakthroughs in core technologies such as IoT cloud computing and big data, IoT has become a strategic choice for domestic and foreign enterprises to seize the pinnacle of their development. Large-scale application of IoT technology will accelerate the comprehensive digital transformation and development of building assets operation, facilities management, security, cleaning, and other industries.

Mr. Li, co-founder of ENEURON ▲

Mr. Vincent, a senior consultant at IBM IoT & Maximo, held a discussion on the “New generation of facilities maintenance management” topic. He spoke on how to achieve smart assets management by integrating IoT and MAXIMO. Mr. Vincent Yuan said that evaluating the level of facilities management in terms of assets and performance from the perspective of assets management is the key to the realization of strategic enterprise goals.

Mr. Vincent, senior consultant of IBM IoT & Maximo ▲

As a senior representative of the facilities management industry, Mr. He, the Deputy General Manager of Donghu Property Management Co., Ltd. shared how to adopt predictive thinking-based smart IoT. He proposed that the competitiveness of enterprises in terms of IoT lies in predictive management. Predictability is a pre-plan that combines with the owner’s core business needs and strategic goals and gradually forms standard operation procedures through continuous accumulation of negative lists, cases, management, and other experience. Iot technology provides a predictable resource sharing mechanism, enabling property management to improve stability and reduce risks.

Mr. He, Deputy General Manager of Donghu Property Management Co., Ltd. of Shanghai ▲

At the sharing session, Mr. Yan, the Product Director at ENEURON, released the digital inspection technology EFOS Go for facility operation and maintenance. Digital inspection is an intelligent IoT device for inspection that can provide automatic monitoring of the safety and health of facilities, automatic inspection of operation compliance, automatic recording of operation and energy consumption data, automatic early warning, and online supervision for spot checking of key facilities. It can comprehensively reduce manual labor, simple tasks can be conducted by machines, AI data can replace human experience, and intelligent technology can guarantee safety, thereby realizing, full life cycle digital management of facilities and assets.

Mr. Yan, Product Director of ENEURON ▲

Mr. Harry, the China Manager of Johnson Control Energy & Sustainable Development, said that there are a lot of problems in the traditional equipment and systems in the retail sector, e.g., the alarm is not triggered on time, energy is wasted, the shopping cart is lost, difficulty to control the supplier at the site, etc. He proposed that data is the key to solve the above confusion and drive the sustainable development of retail business, while real and comprehensive data needs to be realized by means of IoT technology. He shared actual cases to illustrate internet technology practices in the commercial retail chain industry.

Mr. Harry, China Manager of Johnson Control Energy & Sustainable Development ▲

Mr. He, Chairman of Shenzhen Hietech Technology Co., Ltd., spoke at the “Digital twin technology” session. He said that on examining the current status of building facilities from the perspective of digital data, “the OT system is isolated, the IT system data is not real-time, and the IT and OT system are isolated and lack integration.” There are several other problems as well. He proposed that digital twins is the perfect solution for intelligent buildings in the new era.

Mr. He, Chairman of Shenzhen Hietech Technology Co., Ltd. ▲

At the “Breakthroughs in digital practice of property project management” session, Mr. Chen, the Director of Gemdale Property Management Group Building Projects Co., Ltd., said that since the beginning of IoT development in 2015, the iEMP platform created by combining IoT technology has brought tremendous innovation in “efficiency improvement, energy consumption reduction, improvement of service life and service quality of facilities, and reduction of operation dimensions” for facilities management. He also gave a detailed introduction to the application of iEMP, and proposed that new models need to be constantly explored to breakthrough earlier limitations of equipment management.

Mr. Chen, Director of Gemdale Property Management Group Building Projects Co., Ltd. ▲

Based on the successful application of IoT technology at Beijing Phoenix International Media Center, Mr. Liang, a senior expert in facilities management at Cushman & Wakefield, proposed the concept of data-driven change in traditional equipment inspection, streamlined energy management, and transformation of bathrooms from standardized cleaning to standards to on-demand cleaning. From the perspective of operation and maintenance management and user experience, he explained that the “1 Service” of Cushman & Wakefield is an innovative service that runs through the full life cycle of the operations of commercial buildings.

Mr. Liang, Director & Senior Expert in facilities management at Cushman & Wakefield ▲

It is planned to hold this event every year on a non-fixed schedule, to build a sharing platform to deliver cutting-edge industry technologies and achievements of technological application in real time, and promote continuous innovation in industry technologies and digital transformation of enterprises.