Release time:2019-10-17
Congratulations to I ENEURON on officially entering the overseas market

On the morning of October 17th, ENEURON (HK) LIMITED, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Hietech Technology Co., Ltd. formally settled down in Hong Kong Science Park, and held an elegant yet grand opening ceremony. This is an important event highlighting Hietech’s planning and strategic foray into the overseas IoT business.

The company’s core strategic partners and important investment institutions were invited to attend the unveiling and ribbon-cutting ceremony. The guests shared their best wishes on the official opening of Hietech’s overseas business.

Ms Lu, the General Manager of Shenzhen Great Wall Building Technology Co., Ltd., gave a speech, thanking ENEURON for its continuous support. With the help of ENEURON IoT technology, the company has managed to optimize its facilities, equipment, and property management. He expressed his hope to continue to explore more possibilities of cooperation and value generation.

Mr. Lai, the Hong Kong partner, said that his company had just started the cooperation with ENEURON (HK) LIMITED. He had inspected our products several times and personally experienced IoT application at a project in Singapore, and the customer provided an excellent review of the solution. After the inspection, Mr. Lai’s confidence in our company increased, and it further helped promote the cooperation between the two parties. He hoped to increase cooperation in Hong Kong.

Finally, Mr. Liu, the General Manager of ENEURON (HK) LIMITED, expressed his sincere gratitude to the guests and friends attending the ceremony. He admitted that he had experienced many setbacks and success in the process, from the preparations to the successful opening of the new company, and he also firmly expressed his confidence and determination in the overseas business.

ENEURON (HK) LIMITED is committed to providing data and professional services for the management of building facilities and equipment, promoting the transformation of traditional building management models, and enabling buildings to perceive and interact.