Release time:2022-04-01
Heitech&IBM Expand Partnership to Accelerate AIoT Smart Asset Operation And Maintenance Solutions

Hietech, the leading building facilities IoT technology provider, and IBM, an industry leader in PCs, storage and server performance and reliability, today announced an expansion of our partnership to develop and deliver AIoT smart asset operation and maintenance solution implementations.


                      The design thinking workshop with IBM Client Engineering Team

Through our extended collaboration, Hietechl and IBM will create joint solutions that employ automation, optimization and digital IoT facility management services to help customers meet their business development and innovation needs.

Today’s new AIoT capabilities are transforming nearly every industry, and Hietech will be committed to empowering customers' asset management transformation with the help of IBM Maximo asset management platform.


Enterprise Asset Management (EAM): Integrating equipment information, historical data and third-party platform to form a unified equipment management platform

IOT Monitoring:A new generation of  IoT monitoring and sensor technology to build a unified visual monitoring platform

Health Analysis: Integrating a full spectrum of equipment information , realize equipment health status assessment ,life cycle management and refined management

Fault Prediction: Realizing the fault prediction and analysis of critical equipment by accumulating data modeling

Maintenance Decision-making: AI maintenance assistant,leveraging the intelligent diagnosis, big data detection and other technologies to offer judgment basis for fault maintenance

Energy Consumption Management:Quickly gaining insight into the fluctuation of equipment energy consumption, reduce energy consumption and operation cost


Driven by IBM's advanced artificial intelligence technology, Hietech will build an intelligent asset management platform for the real estate property service industry and transportation industry. This cooperation will provide Hietech with unlimited insight and provide monitoring, maintenance, computer vision, security and reliability in a single platform. More than that,Hietech and IBM will work together to realize the next-generation asset management solution that employ AI and analysis technology to operate and maintain high-value facility assets, and address the needs of one-stop intelligent asset management and predictive maintenance by means of monitoring, analysis, control of energy use process, so as to complete the mission of prolonging asset life cycle and net zero operations.


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