Release time:2019-08-22
Grand success! 700 experts from 300 hospitals gathered in Inner Mongolia to discuss the new direction of IoT + hospital smart logistics

On August 2nd, 2019, the conference for the establishment of the Logistics Management Specialized Committee of hospitals in Inner Mongolia and the hospital logistics service summit forum were jointly held by ENEURON’s strategic partner Guotian Estate, in collaboration with Inner Mongolia Hospital Association and Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University, in the beautiful city of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. More than 700 logistics leaders, experts, and scholars from more than 300 hospitals in China came together to jointly study and discuss new concepts, ideas and developments in smart logistics services in hospitals.

The honorary chairman, chairman, vice chairman, standing member and secretary of the Logistics Management Specialized Committee of Inner Mongolia Hospital Association were elected at the conference, and the proposal of the Logistics Management Specialized Committee of Inner Mongolia Hospital Association was presented. Leaders and important members of the special committee gave keynote speeches.

The Guotian cloud system is one of the most advanced comprehensive online work order system for hospital property services in China. At the conference, Mr. Zhang Yanguang, Deputy General Manager of Guotian Estate, announced the official release of Guotian Cloud 5.0 System and introduced the comprehensive application and new functions of the system in detail. Guotian Cloud 5.0 has been upgraded from the “comprehensive online work order system” to the “hospital logistics support service system”. It has more powerful functions, wider coverage, and more stable operation, and was the focus of the conference.

As a leading enterprise in the building IoT industry, ENEURON established mutually beneficial cooperation with Guotian Estate. The two sides successfully integrated Internet of Things (energy + facilities) + Internet [Guotian cloud platform] with the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia as a pilot project, and realized one-stop service for hospital logistics management. The practical application of Guotian Cloud in hospital logistics management raised strong interest among the leaders and guests present at the conference, and led to a large number of visitors at the Guotian Cloud System booth.

After the forum, the participants visited the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia to review the dispatch center, equipment monitoring, medical waste management, energy consumption measurement and other key modules of Guotian Cloud 5.0 System.

In future, ENEURON will continue to innovate and join hands with Guotian Estate to contribute towards the smart development of hospital logistics.