The Internet of things technology is used to conduct 7 * 24h long-distance online monitoring and inspection for building fire-fighting facilities, electrical facilities, hazard sources, etc., so as to realize real-time monitoring of facilities and real-ti


Industrial user facility object
Typical scenarios of operation and maintenance
Digital operation and maintenance platform capability
Data connection
Facility object subdivision type
Shenzhen area
Central China region
East China
North China region
Southwest region

On duty monitoring

On duty operation

Patrol meter reading

Energy management

Double carbon management

Planned maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Emergency maintenance

Spare parts

Space management

Project management

Asset PLM

Integrated monitoring
Intelligent patrol inspection
Automatic meter reading
Remote control operation
Emergency drill
Scheduling Support
Maintenance plan
Maintenance decision
Smart work order
Equipment archives
Fault prediction
Health analysis
Work efficiency management
Double carbon management
Energy efficiency management
AI capability


Professional complete equipment

Third party system



Fire control

Air conditioner



Ventilation and exhaust


Environment protection

Ice water

Air pressure

Parking lot


Other spaces


Machines replace labor, greatly saving labor costs

• The daily switch of the equipment realizes remote automatic control, accurate and efficient

• 100% substitute patrol inspection labor

• 100% substitute meter reading labor

• 80% alternative operation labor

Fine management of energy to achieve efficient control of energy consumption

• Intelligently detect the operating environment of the equipment, realize the automatic switch control of the equipment, reduce the ineffective work of the equipment, and avoid energy waste from the source

• The overall energy consumption is optimized by more than 10%

• Energy efficiency: reduce carbon by more than 10%

Real time equipment monitoring to ensure equipment safety

• Real time monitoring of various data of the equipment, warning mechanism makes hidden dangers nowhere to hide, and provides the basis for safe operation of the equipment

• Machine Supervision: 24 hours without interruption

• The warning time is shortened to seconds

Intelligent interconnection, customized enterprise exclusive equipment network

• The whole equipment management process is interconnected to realize continuous product reengineering, reconstruction and personalized customer experience. Make the best use of the capabilities of the organization and external ecological partners to better meet customer needs

• Equipment multi-level management

• Equipment data visualization


Building enterprise equipment safety barrier in an all-round way
  • Immediate alarm:Abnormal pre alarm second level push, 7 * 24h to ensure operation safety

  • Automatic warning:Pre judge faults and fire signs in advance, and automatically warn; Respond and locate the alarm in 3 seconds

  • Automatic work order:Alarm intelligent trigger work order system, online monitoring and recording of process and results

  • Professional services:AES data encryption algorithm firewall and other security records

Equipment management network based on Internet of things technology
  • Intelligent information real-time sharing tool:Let members of the organization share job information in real time at any time, greatly improving work efficiency

  • Intelligent operation visualization:Make the operation process and results visible, digital and transparent, and highlight the operation quality - high standards can be seen

  • Group Management Networking:Tongping platform intensive management, equalization of service quality of all projects, reduction of comprehensive management cost and improvement of operation efficiency

  • Automated Supervision:Full dimensional coverage of facilities • real-time online scanning of fire-fighting facilities, transparent and efficient management

Low cost and high return good helper for energy saving and carbon reduction
  • Optimal control of energy consumption:Real time monitoring of equipment operating environment, automatic matching of switch control, saving energy consumption

  • Digital carbon reduction:Real time collection of equipment data and deep mining of value; Provide data support for double carbon management and significantly reduce the carbon emission of equipment

  • High return:The data is continuous and complete, and the effect can be verified. The energy saving optimization is 10% - 30%, and the cost recovery is 1-2 years