Service support

Based on the extensive product coverage ecology of EFOS, meet the full life cycle operation and maintenance guarantee service of different projects of enterprises


1. Consulting planning
According to the customer's needs, prepare a set of feasibility plan reports that meet the expected standards and ROI returns for customers.
2. Survey and design
Professional project personnel shall conduct on-site investigation, and carry out professional design and scheme implementation according to the actual situation of the project.
3. Construction deployment
EFOS equipment standard deployment process is adopted, which will not affect the normal use of the equipment during installation.
4. Commissioning on line
The equipment operation data shall be verified and debugged by EFOS cloud platform, and will be put on line only after meeting the standards, so as to make the delivery more secure.


EFOS is committed to integrating professional technology and project resources, and specialized courses tailored according to the characteristics of participating units and personnel objects. The training objects of customized courses include but are not limited to middle and high-level business management personnel, project management personnel, project maintenance personnel and project operators. EFOS has set different course systems for different personnel to achieve targeted training objectives. EFOS customized training service has been successfully applied to government customers and enterprise customers in transportation, property, supermarket, industry and other major industries.
On site operation and maintenance service

Application operation training

IOT operation training

FM League Construction

Operation system training

Online operation and maintenance service

Remote online duty

Remote operation and maintenance hosting

Key risk identification and early warning

Customized value-added services

Equipment operation modeling

Equipment trend analysis

Efficiency analysis


Remote troubleshooting

Remote troubleshooting by dialing the after-sales telephone. Where feasible, EFOS will try to diagnose and solve customer's product faults through network, telephone or other remote help methods.

Round the clock customer service

According to the customer's needs, prepare a set of feasibility plan reports that meet the expected standards and ROI returns for customers.

Industry wide data support

Accumulated 15 years of project operation data, providing the most comprehensive and valuable data support for the enterprise.

Technical support

The first batch of IOT professional teams in China will provide you with the most advanced operation and maintenance digital technical support.

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