Make buildings smart and proactive


Nxtone is the leading enterprise in the building IoT industry. Leveraging its nearly 20 years of technology accumulation and industry experience, along with IoT, Cloud-Edge hybrid computing and AI technologies, Nxtone helps users deploy the EFOS IoT system and provides planning, deployment, debugging, training, operation, maintenance, and value-added optimization services. Using core products such as intelligent inspection, IoT security, emergency management, and energy control, it can effectively solve the problems of security, labor efficiency, operating cost, service convenience, and comfort for existing building facilities assets.
At present, Nxtone’s systems have been adopted in the top 100 domestic properties, and large-scale business, transportation, industry, hotels, hospitals, schools, and other industries. The company has implemented over 10,000 projects in more than 100 cities all over China. It is the preferred partner in the building IoT industry.


Wide urban coverage

National operation network
       Projects in more than 200 cities
       Diverse and mature application cases involving a wide range of industries

Mature service system

Complete and mature service system and knowledge
       Diversified supporting services
       Strong comprehensive whole-chain capability

Comprehensive application scenarios

Cover requirements for each scenario
       Consistently guaranteed services
       Online/accuracy/effectiveness compliance

Accurate and reliable data

Reliable online data
       Prompt service response
       Quick effect delivery


  • 11月Novemberdigital inspection screen product was launched

  • 09月Septemberinvited to attend the 4th “Belt and Road City Conference”

  • 08月Augustwon the excellence award for IoT 2.0 of the Star of China Mobile OneNET

  • 05月MayHong Kong’s Housing Department inspected our company

  • 04月AprilEFOS.Scan digital inspection was launched

  • 03月MarchENEURON (HK) LIMITED was established

  • 10月Octoberupgraded building IoT experience center was opened

  • 08月AugustEFOS.Fire digital firefighting was launched in Vanke Service

  • 07月JulyEFOS 3.0 was launched

  • 04月Aprilparticipated in Shanghai International Property Industry Exhibition

  • 11月Novemberequipment room electronic signage was launched and adopted on a large scale

  • 07月July1000th project was launched

  • 05月MayEFOS 2.0 was launched

  • 10月OctoberEFOS Air air-conditioning cloud monitoring was launched

  • 03月MarchEFOS 1.5 was launched

  • 01月Januaryprojects including Union Square, Golden Bay, etc. were launched

  • 07月Julybuilding IoT EFOS 1.0 was launched

  • 03月March Nxtone was established


Shenzhen high tech enterprise

Shenzhen high tech enterprise

Shenzhen high tech enterprise

Shenzhen high tech enterprise

Shenzhen high tech enterprise

Shenzhen high tech enterprise

Shenzhen high tech enterprise

Shenzhen high tech enterprise

Shenzhen high tech enterprise