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BOE Hengtong business park

Cloud management and control of security facilities,Cloud management and control of special facilities

Project introduction

BOE Hengtong international business park is the benchmark Park project of BOE group. It covers an area of about 260000 square meters and has a planned total construction area of about 500000 square meters.

Application value

The system has realized 11500 monitoring points of the fire protection system in the park, and added 143 monitoring points of the fire water system. Based on the localization server, the online supervision of the fire protection system is realized; The system realizes the intelligent operation and maintenance of 14 distribution rooms in the park;

Beijing International Trade CBD business district

Energy double carbon cloud control,Cloud management and control of special facilities

Project introduction

It covers an area of 17 hectares and has a total construction area of 1.1 million square meters. The highest building is tower a of the international trade building, with a height of 330 meters.

Application value

Help the safe operation of Beijing China International Trade property.

International trade is not only the preferred place for many multinational companies and commercial organizations to work in Beijing, but also has undertaken many international and domestic conferences and business activities. Every year, it receives many heads of state, heads of international organizations, domestic and foreign business leaders and other important people. Therefore, for them, safe operation is the most important

Shenzhen International Innovation Center

Cloud management and control of operation and maintenance,Cloud management and control of special facilities

Project introduction

It covers an area of 38000 square meters, with a total building area of 278900 square meters, including about 180000 square meters of scientific research office area. It consists of two super high-rise buildings (buildings a and b), one high-rise building (CDH), three multi-storey buildings (buildings e, F and G) and three basement (garage and equipment room)

Application value

Intelligent patrol inspection and meter reading, reduce the labor cost of the project by 20%, find problems at the second level and push alarms, improve the speed and ability to solve problems, and let the office building think through the intelligent IOT

Shanghai Zhongjian Jinxiu Plaza

Cloud management and control of special line facilities

Project introduction

The total building area is 253000, the total floor area is 112000, and the total number of houses is 904

Application value

It covers power distribution, domestic water, fire water, fire engine, elevator, exchange station, basement environment, toilets on important floors, videos of key posts and other park facilities and space intelligent operation and maintenance.

Facilities, energy, space environment and other information are displayed on one platform, and safety, efficiency and quality assurance capacity are improved.

Monitoring the on-the-job situation of key personnel to provide a starting point for project operation management;

The creation of intelligent application scenarios in the exhibition hall will add points to the park's science and technology intelligent service brand.